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As a small business, we have to make our product choices really carefully. While we will have the Simone Nightgown in stock for a long time, we are always looking to expand our offerings to help you sleep more comfortably.

We’ve been testing out two prototypes. While they both need some minor adjustments (see the descriptions and photos for more details), they are just about ready to go into production. The question is – which one do we do first? Or do you have another suggestion?

Let me know what you think by dropping a note in the comments section below or sending me a note at

The fabric

The same fabric will be used for the pjs and the pillowcases so I’ll explain its features and benefits.

This is a woven (ie., NON-STRETCHY) fabric that is similar in look and feel to linen.

It has small “slubs” (little fabric bumps), that lend it a natural, earthy texture, also similar to linen.


  • This fabric is soft upon first washing and only gets softer with use.
  • It doesn’t shrink and can (and should) be put in a dryer on low. Ironing is optional, depending on the look you like.
  • Properties: It is the most effective moisture and heat-wicking fabric out there. It dries super quick and stores heat until you need it, moderating heat and sweat beautifully. What that means is that as you sweat, the fabric will absorb the heat and wick moisture and then release heat back to you as you cool.
  • It is antibacterial so it doesn’t need to be washed daily
  • It’s incredibly durable so it will last a long time.

Environmental issues:

While it isn’t designated organic, the fabric is made with hemp and lyocell –  both of which are processed in factories that use minimal chemicals.


Option 1: Cool Jules pjs

This is a comfortable tank top and bottom set with a pair of shorts that will drop to upper to mid-thigh. There are no buttons or zippers.

The drawstring will be made of silk and we’re investigating doing the trim around the neck opening in silk as well.


  • Beautiful, soft and comfortable fabric, with nice touch of silk for added elegance
  • Extremely effective at moisture-wicking and heat managing. You won’t notice night sweats in it and you’ll sleep better
  • Very comfortable, can also be worn as loungewear
  • Available in 4 sizes: XS/S S/M M/L and L/XL
  • Made in Montreal
  • Environmentally responsible fabric; ethical labour practices


Because the fabric isn’t stretchy and as forgiving as the Simone Nightgown, sizing must be more accurate, therefore, we have to ask whether this is a good style for ecommerce?

We will be as accurate and specific with details and measurements as possible but it still isn’t the same as trying it on.

  • If you like a roomy fit, choose one size up (this is not a con per se, but just a good-to-know suggestion)
  • It wrinkles – should be taken out of the dryer immediately – the photo is of the pj set after it’s been taken out of the dryer, no ironing. It wrinkles less than linen
  • Cannot be bleached – it will ruin the fabric

Estimated Retail price: $130-150/set

Estimated availability if chosen: February 2022

pj set tank top and shorts

Option 2: Moisture-wicking, Heat-managing pillowcase

This pillowcase is simple, no-fuss in design. There is a small hemp-silk piping to give it some nice detail. We’ve designed an envelope opening to hide the pillow. It is designed for a standard pillow and fits snuggly.


  • Extremely effective at managing heat and moisture. (Your head and neck will stay dry next to your pillow)
  • Excellent for foam pillows such as memory foam pillows that tend to overheat
  • Easy to look after (wash and use), dryer on low
  • Soft next to your skin
  • Durable so it lasts a long time
  • Available as a single unit (1 pillowcase)


  • Wrinkles and should be taken out of the dryer immediately
  • Cannot be bleached
  • Available in white, in standard size pillow only

Estimated Retail: C$65/pillowcase

Estimated Availability If Chosen: Late January/early February

white pillowcase
close up of pillowcase
pillowcase envelope opening

Share Your Opinion!

Let me know which option I should go with or if there is any information I’ve left out in order for you to make a decision. You can comment on this page or send me an email at

Thanks for helping out!!


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