Many women aren’t enthusiastic about buying their clothes online – what if the size isn’t right, or the fit, or the fabric…It’s a risk, and because of that, they may pass on buying something great – I’m one of those. The last time I bought a pair of shoes online, they were too big – and my sizing is pretty consistent. Cue the sad face emoji! 🙁

For that reason, we want to get our nightgown out to retail establishments where women can feel the fabric, try it on, and make sure they’re comfortable in it.

Enter Loved and Found Boutique, a new and resale boutique in the west end of Toronto. The boutique’s owner and her staff, Michelle Planche, and I share similar values about clothing and fast fashion. We love clothes and don’t love what fast fashion has done to our planet. Buying second-hand clothes is a great practice, and all of us should embrace it more often. You get higher quality clothing at a really great price.

Loved and Found Boutique not only has clothes available on consignment but also carries new items and clothing from Canadian designers and craftspeople.

resale Danier red leather handbag


Drop by the shop and check it out. It’s a great little gem in the Junction. We also recommend following them on Instagram to see the latest finds (I’m partial to one red bag I saw on their Insta feed a few days ago!).

One more thing to note: If you’re wondering if our Wear it and Love it 60 Day Guarantee, will be honoured, the answer is Yes!  If you aren’t satisfied with your nightgown, just contact us and we’ll deal with it directly. We want you to be happy.



Loved and Found Boutique
3112 Dundas Street West,
Toronto, ON, M6P 2A1
Phone: 416-737-0291

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